Visconti Fountain Pen Divina Black Medium - Lucite and Silver - 26702

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Visconti fountain pen

23K Palladium

Black lucite and silver .925. Medium size.

Closure System
Safe Hook Lock
Filling System
Pull & Turn Piston

Dimensions (capped/uncapped)
15,0cm (5.90in) / 13,8cm (5.30in)




Special features:

  • The Divina collection includes writing instruments with nice innovations, as wll as the feeling of art that carries the style of Renaissance.
  • These pieces are made based on the golden number (1618) and the Divine Proportion.
  • A great combination of the black lucite and the sterling silver .925, creates a fabulous writing instrument, which represents the pure soul of Visconti.
  • This fountain pen comes with a 23k palladium nib with silver trims, a screw-on clousure system and a pull & turn piston filling system.
  • It is presented in a nice and elegant brown leathered box. The Visconti brand is engraved on the top of the box.
  • This Visconti Divina is guaranteed to be free from any and all mechanical defects for two years from date of purchase.