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Friday Outfit: Leather accessories

March 24, 2017

The use of leather goes back to the first centuries of our existence. However, with the arrival of the Roman Empire its use experienced a great boom and with it, techniques of treatment and embellishment arose. During this period the main consumers were soldiers and highest classes of society. Its use became popular in the manufacture of footwear. In the Middle Ages a new use of leather appeared with the invention of printing. Fine treated skins were used for manufacturing parchments. Leather is a very versatile material and, in addition to clothing and footwear articles it is also used in other areas. For example for the construction and manufacture of tents, canoes, decks, and in the military field for light... Continue Reading →

Spring trends 2017

March 22, 2017

Hello everyone! Spring is finally here. Good weather and new trends have arrived. Have you heard about them? Today, we show you the keys to be in vogue this spring. Gold If there is a color you must bet for this spring it is gold. Daily, we usually use neutral colors like beige, white, black or grey as they are easy to combine and never go wrong. Specially, when you work at an office or are conditioned by a dress-code, neutral colors become a uniform. We know they are timeless colors that are not nominated by trends however we must not forget that there are many more colors! One of them is gold. A few years ago the Pantone Institute... Continue Reading →