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Friday Outfit: Earth Element

August 10, 2018 2 min read

automatic watches earth element

Friday Outfit: Earth Element

Hello Everyone!

After talking about the outer space on our last week post, our Friday Outfit for this month will be dedicated to the four elements, traveling from the space to the Earth for today’s Friday Outfit. We will also show you a great selection of automatic watches inspired on The Earth Element.

Before showing you our selected products for completing your style, let’s talk about The Element Earth:

The Element Earth alongside with fire, water, and air, are a part of the traditional cosmogonies. Many ancient doctrines have used these group of elements to explain patterns of nature. In fact, you can find them in every religion, esoteric philosophy, alchemy, and astrology.

- In Christianity, archangel Urial and Saint Lucas evangelist are identified with the Element Earth.

- In the esoteric philosophy, Aristoteles developed a theory where the elements were structured in the center of the universe making a sphere. The earth was in the middle, surrounded by water.

- In alchemy, the element earth represents the form, the reason, and the common sense.

- In astrology, the zodiac signs in which the element earth is predominant are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

- The Earth is marked by being a solid, feminine and passive element. Is the most material, concrete, measured, slow, perseverant, dense and strong element of the four elements.

Bellow, we show you our automatic watches selection inspired in this element, along with the rest of the products in the image above:

All these pieces are available at our website and our boutique in C / Nuñez de Balboa, 90 Madrid. Do not hesitate to come and visit us whenever you wish. It will be a pleasure to welcome you!

Happy weekend!



Iguana Sell

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