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Discovering Sinn

April 08, 2022 4 min read

Discovering Sinn

In 1961 Helmut Sinn founded the company Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren in Frankfurt, a company whose core business was the manufacture of navigation watches and pilot's chronographs. In 1994 the company was acquired by Lothar Schmidt, who changed the name to Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH, and led the company down the path of technological innovation, where it continued to grow to become a benchmark in the industry.

From Iguana Sell we had the opportunity to visit them and learn about their history in depth.

Trabajador con Sinn

Sinn over the years

Today Sinn is characterized by creating watches with innovative technologies, without neglecting the design of their pieces, in fact they have received numerous awards for their practical and functional designs.

However, what caught our attention during the visit, were the recognitions given by the same users of the watches.

Carta de agradecimiento del Dr. Reinhard Furrer

Thank You letter from Dr. Reinhard Furrer

In 1985 they received a letter from Dr. Reinhard Furrer, who had traveled into space with his  Sinn 140 S and was delighted by its performance in zero-gravity conditions.

In 2014, using a Sinn 857 UTC TESTAF, Robert Alan Eustace breaks the record for the world's highest jump. The watch was chosen by Eustace's team, with no prior knowledge of Sinn, and the watch's performance was flawless, despite the low pressure, cold and free-fall speed (which reached 1,322.9 km/h).

Sinn became a watchmaking standard in Germany, and several government teams and specialized unit teams contacted them to collaborate in the creation of pieces to suit their needs.

Fire chief Tomas Stanke contacted the company with the goal of getting a watch that would help him keep track of the time his team spent inside a burning house. Stanke submitted a sketch, which he had made, and Sinn created the ideal model for him. A watch from their EZM line, developed for special units, with a reliable, robust and accurate timer. The watch included a bezel adjusted to the fire chief's needs. 



Mechanism of a quartz watch, a women's automatic and an automatic with chronograph.

Inside the company, we had the opportunity to visit all departments. Sinn is characterized by manufacturing their watches from scratch. They have an incredible group of master watchmakers, where each one is responsible for a piece from start to finish. They assemble the mechanism by hand, piece by piece, and put the watch through a series of rigorous tests every step of the way.

They also have a master watchmaker student program, where they train future professionals in the field.

Técnico Sinn

Watch technician with a Sinn watch

The watchmakers first assemble the mechanism, and test it in a device that simulates the movement of a human arm. Once the mechanism passes that first test, they proceed to finish the case.

These watches are then subjected to endurance tests, depending on the type of technology they have. Among these tests they have a refrigerator where they range from -45°C to +80°C.

So that the work does not become tedious, the watchmakers themselves change the model they create.


Sinn 103

New Sinn 103 Ti Ar

We had the opportunity to learn about some exceptional technologies created by the German brand and to see how they put these watches on trial, adhering to the highest standards in watchmaking.


This dehumidification technology is truly pioneering, and its aim is to prevent crystal fogging and the aging of oils due to humidity. Watches with this technology feature a drying capsule filled with copper sulfate that absorbs moisture from the case. The sulfate changes color to indicate the level of saturation.

Detalle capsula AR

Capsule Ar in detail


The TEGIMENT technology provides protection against scratches. Unlike what we are used to see, it is not a coating, but the surface of the material itself, which through a special process creates a protective layer. It is truly an amazing technology that will not even scratch under the pressure of a knife.

EZM 1.1S

New Sinn EZM 1.1s



HYDRO watches are filled with a transparent liquid, a secret recipe of the brand, which replaces the air inside the case. This makes these watches ideal for water and divers.

Conventional diving glass reflects light underwater, but HYDROs can be read from all angles.

Hydro effect

In addition, these watches have a high resistance to pressure. The Sinn UX watches (curious fact, the X implies that they can be submerged to infinity without losing their water resistance) have a back case that has a slight movement, so that the mechanism is not crushed by the water pressure. This membrane, in addition to allowing an expansion of the back case, maintains the water resistance.

Caja trasera UX

Sinn continues to create new technologies every day and each of its pieces reflects the passion of its workers. In fact, walking around the company, you can see every member of the team with a Sinn model on their wrist, which fuels confidence in the brand, and the family they have created.

We currently have new items on our website among which you can find the new EZM that celebrates the 25th anniversary of the line, the EZM 1.1 s is limited to 500 pieces.

We are looking forward to what they can bring us and looking forward to visiting them again.

Thank You!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our store in Madrid, at Núñez de Balboa 90.

 We will be glad to help you!!

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