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Friday Outfit: Water Element

August 24, 2018 2 min read

water element automatic watches

Friday Outfit: Water Element

Hello everyone!

One more week we bring you our Friday Outfit inspired by the four elements and in this occasion, our proposal is the Water Element. Today we show you the automatic watches inspired by the water element.

Before seeing the chosen products to complete your style, we bring you some curiosities about the water element:

The element Water is related to the feelings and emotions, the instincts, the unconscious, the psychic, the thought and the intuition.

- Water is the second most dense and material element, but unlike the Earth Element, it can expand and acquire infinite forms. Water is mutable, malleable, vulnerable, unstable and fluid.

- In Taoism water represents intelligence and wisdom.

- In astrology, the signs where the water element predominates are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

- For Tales of Miletus, water is the beginning of all things.

- Water is the element of mysticism, imagination, music, art, the spiritual, and in general, everything related to human feelings.

- Depending on the culture, the water element takes one representation or another. In Japan and China, water is represented by a black turtle called Xuán Wǔ. The Aztecs represent the water element with a cane. For Hindus, this element is represented by blood; for the Greek culture a glass and for the Celts, a pot.

Bellow, we show you our automatic watchesselection inspired in this element, along with the rest of the products in the image above:  

All the pieces are available in our website and in our boutique in C/ Nuñez de Balboa, 90 Madrid. Do not hesitate to come and visit us whenever you wish. It will be a pleasure to welcome you!

Happy weekend!



Iguana Sell

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