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Friday Outfit: Doctor

September 14, 2018 2 min read

fountain pen doctor

Friday Outfit: Doctor

Hello everyone!

One week more we bring you a new Friday Outfit. On this occasion we wanted to dedicate it to the profession of doctor. Today we show you fountain pens inspired by the doctor profession within other selected products. A doctor is a professional who practices medicine, responsible for maintaining or restoring health through the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Before seeing the chosen products to complete your style, let's see some curiosities about the profession of doctor:

- Doctors can focus their practice in specialties or dedicate themselves to continuous and integral medical attention to individuals, families and communities, that is, to general medicine.

- In ancient Babylon there were no doctors and sicks were displayed in the market square, so the people who passed would advise them what they had to do to heal.

- In the early Asian civilizations, the practice of medicine was quite advanced in its time. One of the most advanced medicines was China, which currently continues to use the properties of herbs, animals and minerals to treat diseases.

- The oldest written record mentioning the practice of medicine is the Hamurabi Code of the Eighteenth Century BC in Mesopotamia.

- The caduceus symbol, composed of two snakes that surround a rod, represents the medical profession globally.

- Hippocrates is considered the father of Western Medicine because he was one of the first doctors to treat the disease as a result of natural and not supernatural causes. He also founded the Hippocratic School, a medical school that focused on the healing power of nature as well as the importance of prognosis and physical observation.

- Formerly, large families chose the seventh child to study medicine.

Below you will see some of the fountain pens we have chosen for this blog along with the rest of the products in the image.

All the pieces are available in our website and in our boutique in C / Nuñez de Balboa, 90 Madrid. Do not hesitate to come and visit us whenever you wish. It will be a pleasure to welcome you!

Happy weekend!



Iguana Sell

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