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Set Visconti Van Gogh Oiran Rollerball pen

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Set Visconti Van Gogh Oiran Rollerball pen, Gold plated, Violet KP12-22-RB

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Van Gogh
Acrylic Resin
PVD gold
Visconti engrave
Filling System
Original Refill
Closing System
3 years
Country of Manufacture


Additional information:
  • The new Van Gogh-inspired launch is Oiran, a collection that pays homage to the eponymous Japanese-influenced painting of the same name (1887). In fact, the artist painted it during his Japonisme period, a term that indicates the attraction and interest of the French painters of the 20th century in the art of the Rising Sun. The pen, in its shades, reproduces some of the colours used by Van Gogh: on the barrel the tones are warm, while on the cap they are cooler. The yellow gold metallic coating is a perfect match. The Van Gogh 2022 collection kit also pays homage to the painting depicting a highborn courtesan. "One cannot study Japanese art without becoming much happier and more cheerful." Vincent Van Gogh .

Customer Reviews

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Gilbert Y.
1st time buyer unsure, but satisfied, will buy again

I wasn't sure of buying ooutside of UK as this is a bummer when it comes to post Brexit. Many site have a *.co.uk and end up still having to pay for custom and vat when the source company is outside of U.K..

I called the number and Iguana picked up the phone. The company is based in Spain was so was expecting a spainsih accent. The girl/lady answer my question on whether the item was in stock, when it will be shipped and how long (same day and within 48hrs) and will I have to paid custom and duty - No as its all covered.

They used Fedex, which I have negative expereince with (but hey, depending what area you live in the world, all these shipping conmpanies will have issues at some point).

Fedex actually got delayed, courier though natrually, but it was arrived one day later. The Viconti Van Gogh was create with serial no. checking out where it should be and was perfect as I expect, packaging no issues.

During my reserach before buying, while the site can look a bit simple (its just thier choice of design), this site was recommmend by pen community sites and verdict was some Pens you can get great discount, but some other models can be priced higher than compeitions, which makes sense to most legit onlines store.

Will likely buy another Visconti going foward. Brill.

4/5 1st time experince. Will go for 5/5 in my next pruchase if no hitch.