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Discovering Delma Watches

June 04, 2020 2 min read

Discovering Delma Watches

A legend from the past to the future

Over the years, the world of watches has seen many brands come and go. Modernization and technological innovation formed the basis of the brands to move forward. One of those brands is  Delma Watches.

Founded in 1924 as a family business by brothers Albert and Adolf Gilomen in Lengnau, Switzerland,  Delma specialized in the manufacture of underwater sports watches with unmistakable technical characteristics. The elaborate production process, the use of luxurious materials and constant innovation are the hallmarks of this prestigious Swiss house.

Thanks to its long history and the unique values of traditional Swiss craftsmanship,  Delma is the official timekeeper of the challenging New York-Vendée Transatlantic Race, one of the five regattas that make up the  IMOCA Ocean Masters World Championship.

The  Racing collection is characterized by the advanced quality of the watch design, aesthetic excellence and functional ease of navigation. One of its key models is  Delma Antarctica Oceanmaster, a limited edition, launched to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica. Its dial makes its frozen inspiration clear, with a distinctive and attractive gradient pattern that fades from ice blue to deep ocean navy, while the streaky surface itself evokes the texture of glacial ice.



Delma  Diver watches provide extreme resistance to water at great depths thanks to helium valves that protect against overpressure, resistant unidirectional bezels and extreme legibility of hands and indexes, which favor their use in the darkest conditions. In 1975 Delma introduced its first professional dive watch,  Delma Shell Star, which proved to be a milestone for the company and a legacy for dive watches produced to date. The  Shell Star Automatic with its automatic movement guarantees its operation in the harshest conditions, with a 42-hour power reserve,  Shell Star Automatic watches become faithful companions for long trips.

Delma Diver Blue Shark III is currently Delma's most iconic model, a limited edition of 500 pieces. The  Blue Shark III parts represent the third generation of Delma's diving watches, which stand out for their resistance to water, now reaching 4,000 meters, their helium valve and unidirectional bezel, ensure to be prepared for the most critical demands of professional deep sea divers.




In the early 20th century, practical aviators began wearing watches with a tight wrist strap that became popular in daily life for their comfort, style and elegance - this concept has inspired the Delma  Aero collection.  Pioneer models showcase the essential details of early pilot watches with a magnified sporty touch. Its extreme readability and precise operation help incite a bold and pioneering mindset.

With the  Dress collection, Delma is destined to capture both elegant clients and adventurers.  Heritage watches celebrate Delma's dedication to advancing the art of Swiss watchmaking, in praise of the traditions and values that characterize Delma's own heritage to inspire future designs.

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