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Ball watches

August 14, 2020 4 min read

Ball watches

Ball's origin story was originally born in 1891 after the Great Kipton Train Wreck in northern Ohio, a train accident, the fault of which could be attributed to a driver's watch that had stopped working. Following the accident, jeweler Webb C. Ball was appointed to investigate the cause and help develop a new set of national timing regulations that will govern the performance of all watches used in and around rail operations. Known as "rail time," this new standard was extended to a series of Ball-certified accurate and reliable timepieces that would be worn by the conductor, engineer and firefighter of each train at that time, revolutionizing train safety and cementing the watchmaker's legacy in watchmaking history.

It is in the year 1894 when Ball decides to found its own watch brand, thus beginning the true history of Ball as a brand. Paying honor to the prestige that their creator had acquired, they had to have the highest quality and be endowed with the Official RR Standard Watches certification. To do this, he chose some calibers from the best American manufactures of the time and fitted them into high-quality boxes signed with the name "Ball Watch Company."

In the late 1990s, when Ball's great-grandson resigned to continue with the business, the company was acquired by private investors. As a consequence, the workshops and international headquarters were transferred to Switzerland, specifically to the watchmaking center par excellence: La Chaud-de-Fonds.

From this stage the lines that we still know as "Engineer", "Fireman" or "Trainmaster" emerge. These names arise to pay homage to the positions related to the world of the railroad. Following this same line, it occurs with collections derived from such as “Engineer Hydrocarbon”, “Engineer Master” or “Engineer II”.

Popular lines

The watches from the Enginner collections make it possible to wear it both on top of a mountain and in the office. A perfect combination of elegance and sportiness with an incredible variety of technical innovations.

Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon

Engineer Hydrocarbon watches are one of the toughest watches on the market, equipped with exclusive patented innovations such as the triple folding clasp, crown protector, Amortiser® and SpringLOCK®.

The Engineer Master collection is Ball's flagship line of sports and diving watches. These watches are equipped with a unique internal rotating diving bezel made by luminous gas micro-tubes.

The Fireman pieces have all the watchmaking experience of the brand and a simple and minimalist design, along with solidity and resistance.

Ball Fireman watches

The Trainmaster timepieces are made following the values of precision, reliability and tradition of the BALL legacy linked to the classical railroad heritage. Besides all models of Trainmaster collection feature a sapphire crystal case back.

Ball Trainmaster watches


Today, Ball Watch Company is completely and absolutely focused on building the most powerful and superior watches that will withstand all adverse conditions. For this it has several patented systems. Some of them are the following:

SpringLOCK® system

The SpringLOCK® system was developed by BALL Watch and its purpose was to protect the balance spring from the movement of the watch by means of a resistant cage that limits the unwinding or unfolding of any of the coils in case of strong shocks or impacts that the watch can suffer during its lifespan.

Amortiser® anti-shock system

The patented Amortiser® anti-shock system allows full protection of the mechanical movement inside the watch from any damage caused by external shocks.

Triple folding buckle

Ball Watches created a triple folding buckle made from a single block of stainless steel for added strength, wear resistance, and long-lasting quality. The buckle and extension can be opened with one hand and the clasp works with a strong mechanical lock.

Crown Protection System

The patented crown protection system guarantees resistance to water and shocks. A special crown protection system has been designed for the Engineer Hydrocarbon series to guarantee its exceptional tightness. There is a protective plate around the crown to ensure that the crown is screwed into its original safe position before setting the time.

Self-powered micro gas tubes

Ball watches use self-powered micro gas tubes (H₃) which are an innovative new form of light source made using Swiss laser technology. They provide an unmatched, long-lasting shine that is approximately 100 times brighter than any other brand that uses luminous paint on their hands and markers.

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