Visconti Fountain Pen - Van Gogh's "Portrait Blu" - 78325

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Visconti fountain pen

Steel Nib

Resin and palladium trims

Closure System
Magnetic closure
Filling System
Converter/cartridge filling system (Not included)

Dimensions (capped/uncapped)
13,8 cm ( 5.43in) / 12,3 cm (4.84in)

Van Gogh



Special features:

  • Van Gogh Impressionist Collection, a variety of pens motivated by paintings from one of the world’s most important artists.
  • It is the first time that pens have been inspired from a precise canvas – not easy work having in mind the variety of objects and techniques used by Van Gogh.
  • Through careful and meticulous choice of colour and palette blend, every Visconti pen is exclusive and has emerged to represent a particular Van Gogh painting.
  • The name of artist and the work of art are carefully engraved around the pen’s ring.
  • Each pen is presented in an exclusive gift box that is complemented with a reproduced canvas of the painting. It includes international warranty.
  • The pen closes with their popular magnetic closure system.