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Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto In Italia Volterra Fountain Pen

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Aurora Il Viaggio Segreto In Italia Volterra Fountain Pen, LE, 888-VVO

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LE - Limited Edition
Rose Gold PVD
18k Gold
Filling System
Piston Filler
Closing System
2 years
Country of Manufacture
Limited Edition
888 units


Additional information:
  • Aurora presents the new collection, with which she will tell us the great secrets hidden in the most special towns in Italy, and what makes them different. A journey through 8 cities that will not only serve to discover their great secret, but also to transport us to their sounds and atmospheres. They will be represented in 8 models of the 88 line, limited to 888 units. The second stop on the Secret Italian Journey is VOLTERRA. A city famous for its ancient Etruscan historical centre, but not everyone knows that its secret is that it is the most important place for the extraction and processing of alabaster in Europe. Volterra's alabaster, dating back 7 million years, is the most valuable in Europe and in every alabaster quarry there is a different type of alabaster. Its production is handed down from generation to generation, giving rise to an ancestral practice. Each city is accompanied by its distinctive music, which will make you live the atmosphere of the place, through a QR code inserted inside the box. Each piece is enriched with a precious watercolour bookmark, which, like a postcard, remains in the memory of the fabulous journey.

Customer Reviews

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Cauê S.
Good pen, but overpriced

This is the first and, for now, only Aurora in my collection. It's unquestionable that Aurora is one of the major brands in the fountain pen industry and I think it's welcome in every serious collection. The materials used in the construction of their writing instruments as well as the processes are high end. Their auroloid (Aurora's proprietary cellulose acetate resin) is interesting and have a good appeal; probably one of the best modern substitutes for celluloid. Additionally, Aurora is one of the decreasing number of companies that make their nibs in-house, which is excellent. All this make this particular pen worthy having.

That being said, there are some aspects of it that do not justify the price tag Aurora puts on their pens. At a comparable price to a Sailor Pro Gear KoP or a Pelikan Souverän M1000, this 88 model doesn't deliver anything exciting. The 18 K Au nib has nothing special regarding writing experience, design, size or construction. It writes well, but I've tried steel nibs which write better and look nicer. The size is also pretty small (to the point of being unconfortable but for the rather small hands out there) compared to their near-priced competitors. The cap doesn't have any sealing device: its a simple bare and rather thin resin screw cap without even an O-ring.

In summary, although it's a beautiful and fairly well built pen which I very welcomed in my collection, I struggle to justify the price asked for, and I'm not particularly excited about it.

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