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Frederique Constant

Juan Manuel Castro

Juan Manuel Castro, sales manager of Frederique Constant in Spain tells us about the brand and its curiosities.

Read below a transcript of the interview:

Good Morning, my name is Juan Manuel Castro and I am commercial manager of the Frederique Constant brand for Spain.

On this occasion I wanted to explain about Frederique Constant, the brand, and that you could know a little more about the history and especially the trajectory of the collection and currently the positioning of Frederique Constant.

It is a brand that was born in 1988, we are talking about a Swiss watchmaking firm that is founded by a couple who believes in the project and develops it, which is Peter and Aletta Stass, as I say, with a very clear idea that is a well-known concept that is to democratize luxury with a product of exceptional value for money.

It makes a really important and interesting collection in different lines of price, aesthetics, but above all with a very easily identifiable DNA that is an innovative traditional concept and mainly of quality. Here we will be able to see a small representation of some models but especially on this occasion I wanted to show you one of the most emblematic pieces of the Manufacture collection.

This collection is on a caliber developed one hundred percent by Frederique Constant with one of its most emblematic models of the same which is this Worldtimer. Commemorative to this tenth anniversary since the first launch model since this new occasion for this new year 2022. In which mainly differs a very limited series of only 1888 watches for the whole world with a different exclusive color combination and where mainly we will be able to find that attraction of a very easy reading but good mainly far away as a great watchmaking complication with the rest of models that we can find from automatic versions, limited series chronographs, etc.

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