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Maserati, endurance and style

February 24, 2023 3 min read

Maserati, endurance and style

It is not uncommon for major car brands to enter the world of watches because of the character and reputation they have built up throughout their history. Among them are Maserati watches, which embody a profound sporting spirit in every collection, whether sporty, classic or vintage.

Maserati, endurance and style

Maserati has a rich history in the automotive world and today is one of the largest manufacturers of high-performance sports cars, as well as some of the most valuable.

Building on the nature and history of the company, it has entered the world of men's accessories with several collections of sports watches and some vintage styles.

The character of this more than 100-year-old company (founded in Bologna in 1914) is reflected in its watch collections, where you can see interesting models made in Italy by Morellato, the famous watch manufacturing company that nowadays produces very interesting automatic and quartz movements for very prominent and highly valued brands in the market (Citizen and Seiko).

The brand has focused on solid and strong models that guarantee functionality and durability and are divided into four different styles: Lifestyle, Design, Sport, Classic. Within these styles, the brand presents different collections.


These watches feature a modern and refined design with a unique aesthetic. Each model has distinctive features and is a combination of sporty style, luxury and elegance.

Reloj de Cuarzo Maserati Potenza, Negro

Maserati Potenza Quartz Watch, Black

Maserati's Potenza collection is designed with a unique blend of modernity and Italian style and includes both automatic and quartz models. The former include sapphire crystal while the quartz watches are manufactured with mineral crystal.


This collection is inspired by the world of racing and represents the brand's tradition and heritage, transporting the values of the automobile to the watchmaking world.

Reloj de Cuarzo Maserati Competizione, Azul

Maserati Competizione Quartz Watch, Blue

They have a sophisticated and timeless design with a strong personality characterised by a pronounced fluted bezel. The details of cars, both interior and exterior, become a source of inspiration for the development of these timepieces. The brand's logo stands out in this collection, inspired by the statue of Neptune in the Piazza Maggiore, whose trident symbolises strength and vigour.


The most significant feature of the watches in this line is the dial, which is inspired by the sporting qualities of its automobiles. In this line you can find a variety of chronographs, quartz watches and automatic watches.

Reloj de Cuarzo Maserati Sfida, PVD Negro

Maserati Sfida Quartz Watch, PVD, Black

The biggest difference you can find in the watches of this line is that the dial of a Maserati Sfida watch is inspired by the sportiness of a Maserati car, which makes it super recognizable. As in most of their designs, they always stick to their source of inspiration: the automobile. Gold, silver, black, two-tone and even white.


This brand not only focuses on watches but, for a few years now, has also launched a line of men's jewellery called Gioielli. In it you can find different bold and elegant items among which we can highlight the cufflinks and bracelets. The products are made of silver, black, pink, blue and gold plated stainless steel.

Gemelos Maserati Gioielli y Pulsera Maserati Gioielli

Maserati Gioielli Cufflinks and Maserati Gioielli Bracelet

The bracelets are made up of rectangular pieces and chains that combine silver, black and pink and have the Maserati logo in the middle. As for the cufflinks, they have a diameter of 15 mm and a 3 mm button with the trident logo engraved in the centre.

Discover the complete brand

To find out more about the brand and discover its watches, please contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you !

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