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4 Tips for left-handers

August 12, 2022 2 min read

4 Tips for left-handers

There is an associated feeling when writing with a fountain pen that dyes with pleasure the art of writing. However, left-handed people often view this moment with mixed emotions, as they do not pull the pen, but rather push it, causing ink drag and a less-than-ideal flow of the fountain pen. However, this can be improved by following these simple tips. 

4 Tips for left-handers


The ideal writing angle is usually considered to be 45 degrees, however left-handed people often use straighter angles. In this case the ideal case is to adjust your hand to one of these three positions. 

Top Writing: The hand moves below the writing line. This position is very versatile and allows a movement along the sheet that is neutral.

Lateral Writing: The hand goes parallel to the writing line. The risk of this position is the sweeping of the text caused by the hand, so it is recommended to use fast drying inks and write slowly.

Lower Writing: The hand moves above the writing line.

Any of these three positions can be adapted to your writing style.


Thinner nibs mean less ink flow and therefore faster drying. Go for this type of nibs to avoid running the ink with your hand when writing. By using rigid nibs, you will also minimize scratching and thus avoid bending the tines.


Glossy paper adds a unique element to the texts, but the ink here takes a long time to dry. It is recommended to opt for good quality and porous papers, which help the ink to dry quickly. Along with this, it is also recommended to opt for quick-drying inks.


A tip that really applies to any aspect of life. Writing slowly and calmly gives the ink time to dry.

The most important thing is not to stop writing. Try different inks, different papers, different nibs, and find the ideal shape that suits the way you write, but never stop writing.

Not writing is not an option, in this video you will have different options for you to choose which one fits best for you.

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