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Visconti Roller Graphic Salvador Dali -Green Vegetal Resin- 66706

Visconti Roller Graphic Pen


Vegetal resin in green. "Dance of Time I" in microfusion on the clip. Gold trims.

Closure System
Magnetic closure
Filling System
Cartridge filling system

Dimensions (capped/uncapped)
13,9 cm (5.47in) / 12,3 cm (4.84in)

Salvador Dalí



Special features:

  • The melting clock, the exotic colours and the round forms are the most famous characteristics of Dali.
  • The omnipresent fluidity of time is reflected in all terms in this piece.
  • This roller graphic describes Dali's deeply fantastical relationship with time and his perception of limitations. It is inspired in the "Dance of Time I".
  • The great contrast created by the green resin and the golden trims transmits a spectacular feeling.
  • It comes with patented magnetic closure.
  • This piece is presented in an elegant brown box, with Salvador Dali's signature engraved on gold colour on the top. The official Visconti Warranty guarantees to be free from any and all mechanical defects for the lifetime of its original owner.

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