Visconti Fountain Pen Mecca Limited Edition - Resin and Silver - 14602

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Visconti fountain Pen

23K Palladium

Black ink scrimshaw with gold laquering

Closure System
Filling System
Visconti's "High Vacuum Power Filler™"

Dimensions (capped/uncapped)

Limited Edition



Special features:

  • One of the world's largest religions is Islam, and therefore, Visconti pens has created this limited edition Mecca pen along with the Medina pen.
  • This pen is finished in black resin with a squared form which recalls the famous Kaaba in the Mecca (the town where Muhammad was born).
  • The black resin is highlighted with golden inscriptions of the Qu'ran, and the silver rings are engraved to represent the brick walls of the Kaaba.
  • The silver clip is inspired in the Kaaba's Black Stone, which has the form of a human eye.
  • This wonderful Visconti pen is a limited edition item of only 622 peices in silver, reminding the year of the Hijra.
  • The pen comes in a fantastic limited edition presentation box, with patterns that are characteristic of arabic architecture.