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Platinum Fountain Pen Urushi Maki-e Aonofu #56 PTB-100000B

Platinum Fountain Pen

18k Gold

Urushi Maki-e on resin

Closure System

Filling System
Converter/cartridge filling system
Dimensions (capped/uncapped)
14,5cm / 12,2cm (5.7" / 4.8")

Warranty (years)

Urushi Maki-e


Retail Price
960€ / $1250 / £815


Special features:

  • Platinum pens are artisan made Japanese pens, finished with great detail and quality.
  • The line of Urushi Maki-e pens are beautiful models which are finished with this special Japanese technique.
  • The design for this pens is Aonofu #56, an abstract pattern of blue, silver and gold dust, finished in Urushi Maki-e lacquering.
  • The body and cap are made of high quality resin and comes in Platinum's #3776 size and shape.
  • The pen comes with a nice Platinum 18K gold nib, and the clip is also gold plated.
  • The pen comes in a wonderful wooden box with a Platinum inkwell and converter.

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