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Pelikan Souveran 405 Silver-White Fountain Pen

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Pelikan Souveran 405 Silver-White Fountain Pen, Special Ed., 815475KIT

Nib Size

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14K Gold rhodium plated
Filling System
Piston Filler
Closing System
Closed length
123 mm.
Barrel length
120 mm.
Posted Length
149 mm.
Barrel width
11 mm
Weight (with cap)
16 gr.
Weight (without cap)
11 gr.
3 years
Country of Manufacture


Additional information:
  • Pelikan's standard collection is enriched by a new series, the Souverän 405 Silver-White. The special combination of silver and white brings an extraordinary luminosity and a touch of distinctive elegance. The striped barrel is made of cellulose acetate. The characteristic rings on the end and the cap are integrated into the material, an operation that requires the utmost precision to achieve a perfect transition in the materials. The completely rhodium-plated 14-karat gold nib brings out the brilliance of the other components. Each writing tool is hand-assembled and precisely controlled to meet the most stringent quality controls. The series will be available as a fountain pen with a piston mechanism and a ballpoint pen with a push-button mechanism. All Souverän 405 Silver-White items will be available from November 2020. Due to delays in the supply of packaging boxes for Pelikan products, the order may be subject to delays in the delivery date. In any case, you can contact us at if you have any questions.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Beautiful pen, smooth writer. Just as you’d expect from a Pelikan. I have several m200s and m400s, most of them Medium nibs, so I got this pen with a Fine nib, and I think it’s absolutely perfect. Still wet, but fine enough that I can write small without a problem.

One thing to note, the material on the body seems like it may be prone to staining. Got some blue ink on the barrel while filling the pen (Troublemaker Inks Abalone) and it didn’t wash off simply with water, as it would with most other pens. I had to wash it with Dawn and even then there is still a small blue stain.

So please note if you do get this pen, be mindful as you fill it, as to avoid the hassle of stain removal.

Pelikan Souveran 405 Silver-White Fountain Pen

Nice writer. Fast shipping.

Andrew T.
Pod (of Pelikans) cast

This is a stunning looking writing instrument; classic Pelikan lines, with a bright, milky-white cap, section, & piston turning knob. The whole, has a sleek elegant finish, perfectly accented with silvered clip, cap ferrule, & rings along the body of the pen. I really cannot get over those stripes on the barrel - they're exquisite !! The entire nib is plated in Rhodium over the 14K (EF) gold, & it writes very smoothly, with just a hint of feedback (which is nice).
It feels solid in the hand, is well balanced when posted (for me); I imagine you may be able to write with same, unposted; not the largest of pens - but it is true what they say - small is beautiful.
The Pelikan with single chick, as ever, present - the sand-blasted surround of that emblem, so well done; to my mind, one of Pelikan's seminal aesthetic achievements. Of course, the Cellulose Acetate body & cap make this incredibly lightweight, & with just over half a turn of the cap, it separates nicely from the barrel. The nib itself, not overly ornate, but consistent with the higher end Pelikan (Souveran) range.
In truth, I cannot fault this latest issue - as with all from this fine pen manufacturer, quality is indeed the watchword.

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