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Omas Montecristo Rollerball pen .925 silver trim, Limited Edition


Limited Editions


Cotton resin


.925 silver
Filling System
Original Refill

Closing System

Closed length
138,70 mm.

3 years

Country of Manufacture

Limited Edition
400 units


Additional information:

  • OMAS and HABANOS, SA are proud to introduce a new Limited Edition collection made in collaboration and dedicated to the historic Brand Montecristo, founded on 1935 in La Habana, Cuba. It was the famous novel "The Count of Monte Cristo", written by Alexandre Dumas, that inspired the name of what would become one of the most important brands of cigars in the world. Dumas's novel was read to the "torcedores" (rollers) to entertain them during their working hours. Today, on the eve of the 80th Anniversary of Montecristo, OMAS is proud to introduce an exclusive collection dedicated to the brand. OMAS and HABANOS, SA together, symbolically linked by the same passion for tradition and for handmade products, so rare nowadays. All Montecristo cigars are fully handmade in compliance with a long and accurate traditional process. It is the cigar tube, icon in the world of cigar aficionados, that has inspired the shape this Limited Edition. The cap, which encloses and covers the entire body of the writing instrument, is enriched by a central ring in sterling silver that reproduces, on the front, the hand-engraved Montecristo logo and on the back, the stylization of the book "The Count of Monte Cristo", source of inspiration of the brand name; a Greek frieze, another icon of the Montecristo logo, encloses the engravings on the central body of the cap. The shape of the clip, inspired by the retro lines of the 1930s and reflecting the sinuous curves of cigar smoke, completes the cap of the Limited Edition realized with the traditional OMAS resin. The body of the writing instrument, well protected inside its tube/cap for both models Fountain Pen and Roller Ball, is characterized by simple lines, sleek and comfortable write with.

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