Namiki Maki-e Nippon art Fountain Pen - Toy Hagoita

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Namiki fountain pen

14K solid gold nib - M

Hira-maki-e technique against rich black lacquer backgrounds

Closure System
Filling System
Piston converter

Dimensions (capped/uncapped)
14,3cm (5.62in) / 12,9cm (5.07)

Nippon Art


Retail Price
787€ / $1025 / £670


Special features:

  • The Nippon Art Collection portrays classic Japanese ideas and beliefs using the beauty of the Hira-maki-e technique against rich black lacquer backgrounds
  • Namiki immortalized Japan’s traditional toys and games in the latest Nippon Art collection.
  • The master lacquerers at Namiki bring this lovely collection to life in Hira-maki-e, a technique involving metallic and colored powders hand-applied onto the rich black resin pen barrels.
  • This fountain pen is called the Hagoita (paddles) the wooden paddles used to play the Hanetsuki game at New Year’s to bring good luck and a cascade of elegant cherry blossoms.
  • This line features a smooth flowing 14 karat gold nib which delivers a superb, consistent line.
  • Includes a genuine Namiki push-button plunger-vac style piston converter.