Montegrappa Rigoletto Fountain Pen, 925 silver trim, Lim.Edition

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Murano glass of "La Murrina"

.925 silver

18K gold rhodium plated
Filling System
Cartridge / Converter

Closing System

2 years

Country of Manufacture

Limited Edition
900 units


Additional information:

  • With an eye to the spirit of the eponymous player that it commemorates, the design of the Rigoletto pen immediately recalls the attire of the traditional court jester, a harlequin pattern of red, white and black diamond shapes that can be attributed to no other character. A handmade black and red glass “murrina” on top of the red cap was inspired by the puffy sleeves and pantaloons that comprise a harlequin’s garb, while the pocket clip is styled in the manner of the jester’s footwear. Engraved into the ring that secures the pocket clip is a pattern that recalls the “skirt” favoured by jesters, with triangular extensions ending in little bells. For the ring encircling the body, where the threads appear, Montegrappa’s artisans have etched a pattern to denote the type of belt worn by a jester. Montegrappa’s logo is engraved around the wide ring at the bottom of the cap.