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Montegrappa Fountain Pen Bruce Lee Dragon Limited Edition - Silver

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Montegrappa fountain pen

18K solid gold nib

Celluloid and Sterling Silver

Closure System
Filling System
Piston Filler

Dimensions (capped/uncapped)

Warranty (years)

Bruce Lee



Special features:

  • The Bruce Lee Dragon series is a limited edition that belongs to the Montegrappa "Icons" line, just like the Mohammed Ali series.
  • The Dragon is an iconic symbol of the chinese culture and was declared national symbol in 1912 (the same year Montegrappa began producing its writing instruments).
  • This limited edition was released in 2010 commemorating Montegrappa's 1995 Dragon Limited Edition and Bruce Lee's 70th birth anniversary.
  • Bruce Lee was called "The Dragon" and was born in the year and hour of the Dragon according to the chinese horoscope. Thanks to his efforts the world has discovered the greatness of chinese martial arts! His image appears on the 18K gold nib!
  • This edition is finished in red celluloid and sterling silver with the image of a dragon. The top of the cap presents the eternal Ying-Yang symbol representing balance in the universe and in martial arts.
  • Only 888 fountain pens have been made in sterling silver. 2012, the year of the Dragon, is a great occasion to acquire this fantastic fountain pen!

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