Aurora Mar Tirreno Fountain Pen Limited Edition - 946MT

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Aurora fountain pen

18K solid gold nib, rhodium treated.

Barrel and cap in green marbled Auroloide and sterling silver trims

Closure System

Filling System
Piston Filler with hidden reservoir
Dimensions (capped/uncapped)
13 cm (5.11in) / 12,5 cm (4.92in)

Warranty (years)

Mare Tirreno


Retail Price
780€ / $1015 / £665


Special features:

  • Iguana Sell presents Aurora’s last limited Edition, Mar Tirreno (Tyrrhenian Sea). This is the second model of the line “Italian Seas”, coming after the successful model “Mar de Liguria”.
  • The Tyrrhenian Sea washes Italy's western coast, from Tuscany to Sicily, and contains very famous islands such as Elba and Montecristo.
  • The whole collection comes in green to represent the coast's exhuberant vegetation, and the marbled auroloide creates a beautiful effect. As if you were looking directly into the sea!
  • The rings of this fountain pen have been decorated with elements of the Tyrrhenian landscape: Sardinia's Nuraghe (the largest megalitic monuments in Europe) on the clip ring, and the Vesuvio and Capri's Faraglioni (stacks) on the central band. The bottom ring has engravings representing Etruscan flower designs.
  • The fountian pen comes with a solid 18K gold nib and a piston filler with an ink window. This edition is limited to only 480 pieces worldwide! Buy it now!

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