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Loyalty program


Now you can enjoy even lower prices at Iguana Sell! For every dollar you spend at Iguana Sell you will earn exactly 10 points. As you gather more and more points you will be able to exchange them for rewards such as discounts on future purchases. The more points you exchange, the larger your discount will be!


As soon as you complete your first purchase on our website you will be created a loyalty account where you can see the total amount of points earned, the rewards exchanged and the rewards redeemed. Every purchase will automatically add the number of points obtained to your loyalty account.


Whenever you chose to, you can exchange these earned points for one-use rewards/discounts. More expensive rewards offer proportionally larger discounts. Rewards obtained by exchanging points will be stored in your account until you chose to redeem them. Only one reward/discount can be used in a given purchase and once the reward has been used it is no longer available.


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