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Eterna Tangaroa Moonphase Chronograph

by Iguana Sell B84848134 April 04, 2014

Hello Followers!

Maybe some of you have already seen this Eterna, nevertheless I think it is a very nice model and I really think you should take a look.

This is an Eterna Tangaroa Moonphase Chronograph, Swiss Made watch with a sapphire crystal glass back so you can see the fine movement, and polished stainless steel case, crown and buckle.





As its own name says, it shows us the h ours, minutes, seconds, the date, a 24-hour display, days of the week, months, and if that wasn`t enough also the moonphases in both hemispheres, chronographic seconds and minutes.




As a curiosity we can add that Tangaroa is the name of the Maori god of the Sea, and was the name given to the boat used by the Norwegian adventurers that repeated Kon-Tiki's legendary journey in 2006.


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Have a nice weekend!

Iguana Sell Team

Iguana Sell B84848134
Iguana Sell B84848134

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