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What is the PVD coating of a watch?

April 05, 2018 2 min read

automatic watch PVD coating

What is the PVD coating of a watch?

Good morning everyone!

Have you ever wondered what it means PVD, what it is and how is it related with the industry of automatic and quartz watches?

Several manufacturers create their pieces by using metals such as stainless steel or titanium. However, in order to enhance the beauty and toughness against scratchs and blows, it is usually coated using a PVD technique.  


PVD refers to Physical Vapor Deposition, which is a vacuum deposition method in which the watch is coated with a metal of great hardness.

There are different methods to apply this PVD coating, but mostly it consists of vaporizing an extremely fine metal layer (usually titanium nitride in jewels), in a vacuum enviroment. This material is aesthetically similar to gold and a hardness close to sapphire's.

Once the watch reaches the vapor phase, the ions of the metal that is going to be use to coat the watch are in its free ionic form, so they can be placed over the watch's surface thanks to a magnetic field. This way, they are integrated in the network of the metal in wich the watch was firstly made, and even substitute its original atoms.

This way, a layer of a tougher metal is created on the surface of the watch. The longer is the PVD proccess, the thicker will be this layer.

why a whatch is PVD coated?

PVD is applied mostly to improve the beauty and technical features of the watch. In other words, this tiny layer applied with vapor not only protects the watch from rust and wear, but also gives it a more elegant-look. Today it is possible to find PVD coatings in different materials and characteristics.

At Iguana Sellyou can find both automatic and quartz watches with PVD coating, like the 100 pieces limited edition of the automatic watch Junghans Meister Chronoscope or the automatic watch Dietrich OT-6 , the bezel of which is made of forged carbon resulting in a light and rugged watch. As quartz watches, we find the Luminox Atacama Field with chronograph and alarm, and the new Victorinox Maverick, that incorporates a green dial.

We invite you to visit our boutique at Nuñéz de Balboa 90, Madrid and our website to know all the automatic and quartz watches in stock. If your prefer, you can also contact us via email, phone +34 91 441 50 41 or WhatsApp (+34) 682 678 786.

We remain at your disposal.

Have a nice day,

Iguana Sell

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